January 2016 Rewind

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We're a whole month into 2016, and sometimes I still think this is 2015. Hopeless, I know. I think I've managed to hold on to most of my resolutions, though I am already failing at the 'exercise regularly' part. How are you guys going with your resolutions?

Now, onto the recap!

New to My Shelves

  • I plucked up the courage to request two ARCs through Blogging for Books and Edelweiss, and I got them! I've just finished Brooklyn on Fire, so a review will be coming soon, and I'm currently enjoying A Useful Woman. Also, looking at these covers below, can't you tell I have a soft spot for lady detectives?   

  • All The Light We Cannot See was $4.99 on iBooks, and since I've been eyeing the book for months, I decided to buy it. That leaves me with a $95.01 book budget for the rest of the year, which isn't too bad, right?


Other Things on the Blog

Not quite on the blog but related, here are the photos I uploaded to my bookstagram this month. Click on the picture to see my account!

Challenges Progress

  • Goodreads challenge: 4/30 books
  • Discussion challenge: 2/24 discussion posts
  • Diverse Reads challenge: 2 books
  • #RockMyTBR challenge: 3 books
  • Backlist Books challenge: 3 books
  • Around the World challenge: ermmm, I still need to import the locations into my map, but there are about 8 locations so far.
  • Commenting 365 challenge: 25/365 comments (not as far behind as I thought I was!)
In general, I'm on track with all the challenges, except for Around The World. I need to start remembering to take notes of the locations when I read.

Around the Blogosphere

I read a lot of fantastic discussion posts in the past month, and I'd like to share some of them with you!

In Life

January has been another big month for me personally. I finished at work last week, which was bittersweet. I've grown to really like my colleagues and (some of) my students, and while I'm excited about the next chapter of my life, saying goodbye wasn't as easy as I expected. I've also started packing my suitcases, and in a couple of days I'll be moving out and heading for grad school. There's so much to do, I might actually forget most of my anxieties about the transition!

In Store for Next Month

As I will be really busy for at least two weeks in February, and potentially without internet for a bit, I may be absent in terms of replying to comments. I'm planning on queueing up some posts to go up while I'm away, so fingers crossed the following posts will actually go up next month!
  • Review: Brooklyn on Fire
  • Review: Everything, Everything
  • Review: Go Set a Watchman
  • 2 discussion posts.
Let's chat! 
How was your January? What are you reading right now? Did you find a new favourite? What are you looking forward to in February? 


  1. I love the covers of the ARCs that you received. I would pick those up too.

    I'm not crazy about Disqus mostly because I hate their sign in process which sometimes doesn't work at all for me. I like comments that let you sign in with name and URL.

    1. They're quite pretty, aren't they? :D

      Hmm that's definitely something for me to consider - thanks for letting me know!

  2. Good luck with grad school. I just started my 2nd year of it, and it’s challenging. I’m supposed to be working on my thesis right now instead of reading blogs. :)

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Thank you! And eep good luck with your thesis - you're allowed a little break once in a while!

  3. I still think I'm in 2015, even though we're already well into the end of January! I'll be looking forward to your review on Everything Everything and Go Set a Watchman!

    1. Glad to know I'm not alone! :D And thanks Erica, hopefully they'll be up soon!

  4. Woohoo! Congrats on the EW approval! :) I haven't actually heard of any of the books that you reviewed last month, so I'll have to check them out! 25/365 isn't bad for the commenting challenge- you can definitely catch up! :) I absolutely loved Mishma's post about baclkisted books also! I hope you have a great February!

    1. Thank youu! I was pretty excited :D Hope you'll have time to check those books out, and I shall attempt to catch up on commenting as soon as life settles down. Thanks Nori - hope you're having a great February too!

  5. I am looking forward to reading all the posts you linked up that I hadn't seen yet. Grad school for what?

    1. I hope you've gotten around to reading them - they're pretty great :D Aaand I'm doing an educational psychology course.


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