Snazzy Snippets (2) -- When the Writing Hits A Wall

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Snazzy Snippets is a bi-monthly link-up for writers hosted by Emily of Loony Literate and Alyssa of The Devil Orders Takeout. Every two months, Emily and Alyssa post three prompts which you then share a 500 word of less snippet of your writing in response to each prompt.

Since I was staring down 5 assignments to be completed in 4 weeks, I decided to skip Camp NaNo in April. I found time to write though! Progress was slow as I kept getting stuck and changing my mind about what I wanted to happen. So, the theme for this month's Snazzy Snippets is actually perfect for me. You're about to read some snippets that I'm fairly sure I'll either scrap or heavily revise

The prompts this month are:

A snippet that was difficult to write (define ‘difficult’ as you like!)
A snippet you had a lot of fun writing
A snippet you plan to delete/significantly revise

A snippet that was difficult to write // A snippet you plan to delete/significantly revise

A different part of her brain, one that had been taught to preserve life, took over. She swung her body around toward the other window of the machine, where she spotted a latch. Unthinking, she pulled it down. In the first second, the door barely inched open, but then water rushed past through the tiny gap, lifting the pressure that kept the door closed. Cat went with the current, slipping through the now available space, but – swearing so loud, Lancelot would have been proud – she realised belatedly that the person she intended to save was beginning to drown. Next to the landdweller, however, was the one familiar item in this strange vehicle: an oxygen helmet. 

Cat surged toward it, one hand seizing the helmet, the other grabbing the arm of the stranger. Fitting of oxygen helmet was taught as first aid to every Finch children, so it was with practiced movement that she placed it over the landdweller’s head. All she had to do was fix it into place and --

This is a pivotal scene in my story, as this is where my two main characters meet each other for the first time. So I'm putting pressure on myself to make it brilliant. Plus, I've always found action scenes to be my weakness.

A snippet you had a lot of fun writing

Beth dreamed that she was swimming.

A man's large, dark hands closed around her little ones, keeping her afloat. His face was obscured, the harsh white glare behind him silhouetting his tall figure. She was kicking, legs like a pinwheel caught in a gust, sending cool water splashing all over. The man laughed. "Up and down, up and down. You'll exhaust yourself going nowhere like that." 

She obeyed, rearranging her movements so her legs scissored vertically through the water. The edge of the pool came ever so slightly closer and she continued to surge forward. Whether it was he who pulled her on or whether she was driving herself forward, she didn't know. He was cheering her on, but the words grew warbled. 

The white light faded. His hands disappeared. The water rose. 

This was the scene that popped into my head that reignited my excitement for this WIP, so I really enjoyed writing it down. 

That's it for this month! What do you think of these snippets? 
Are you working on a WIP too?


Thanks for reading! It makes my day to hear your thoughts and I will respond asap. :)