[Cake Break] Making a Comeback, Maybe

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I love Jamie at Perpetual Page-Turner's feature here, where she talks to her readers as if they are meeting up for coffee. I adore getting to know a little more about her this way, so I'd like to follow her lead and maybe make some connections myself! I'm adapting it slightly because I go for sweets over coffee. So, grab something sweet to eat and chat with me?

Hello, friends! It's been a while. I thought that when last semester ended, I would have a month of break and lot more energy to be creative. What ended up happening was that I had about a week of time off, and I fell into a creative slump. 😩 I'm trying to get out of it, and I'm hoping catching up with you guys is the way to start! Today, I have this peanut butter and nutella doughnut (yes, I do have a serious thing for doughnuts and nutella):

If we were sharing this doughnut...

I'd tell you that my laptop has been showing signs of ageing. I've been having issues with the charger, which makes writing/blogging more difficult than usual because, whereas I usually can type while sitting on the couch and watching TV, the laptop has had to sit on my desk. I'm crossing my fingers that it's only the charger and I don't have to replace the laptop!

I'd tell you that I had another go at baking the other day. My sister accidentally bought me frozen shortcrust pastry instead of puff pastry, so we decided we'd make tarts! We settled on this recipe. It turned out alright, despite the fact that we don't own a tart pan and made it in a cake pan! We still have the pastry, so we might attempt a different recipe soon. Have you tried something new lately?

I'd highly recommend watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix. Netflix Australia has finally acquired the third and final season of the series, and I was both so thrilled to be able to watch it at least and sad that there won't be any more episodes. Go watch it, it's awesome!

I'd tell you that I finally understand why, at the beginning of my master degree in psychology, the course coordinator told us that she was looking forward to seeing the kind of people we would be at graduation. I didn't think two years would change me very much, but I'm starting to think that - one and a half year in - I am changing. Do you think you're a different person now than you were two years ago? How?

I'd ask you what you've been up to! How's life? What's new with you? Have you read something good? Something disappointing?

Let's chat in the comments!


  1. I love Jamie's feature too - it's such a good way to keep readers updated on your life! I always feel like I'm inundating my readers with too much info about my own life...but I LIKE reading about your life, and other bloggers' lives too!!
    I haven't really tried anything new lately...unless you count playing pool?
    And I definitely know I'm a different person now compared to two years ago haha - so much has changed in that time! I hope that the two years has changed you in a positive way! <3

    1. I actually feel the same way! I feel self-conscious sharing things about my life, but I like it when others do it haha. Maybe we all feel that way, in which case you definitely won't be inundating us if you update us on your life! :D

      Playing pool counts! I have no idea how to do it haha.

      Right back at you, Gerri! <3


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