Current Book Affairs [October 14]

09:10 Cilla P 0 Comments

My reading slowed right down toward the end of September, but now that life has eased up again, I'm diving right back into my TBR. 3 months left in 2015 and I've barely made a dent on it; in fact, I think I've added to the pile. The life of a bookworm, hey? Anyway, my goal for October is to finish the Animorphs series (only 11 left to go!), which seems ambitious but not really since I can finish one book in one sitting.

At the moment, I'm reading:

1. The Princess Diaries Volume IV: Princess in Waiting by Meg Cabot. We're finally in Genovia! Mia is actually dating Michael! I'm only about twenty pages in, but I'm keen to read about how both things add to Mia's character development.

2. Animorphs #43: The Test by K.A. Applegate. I swear Animorphs has some of the creepiest covers. You'd never guess from looking at that one that the story deals with PTSD. In this one, we spend some time with Tobias and see how he is still dealing with the aftermath of the torture he endured at the hand of Sub-Visser Fifty-One, a.k.a ex-prom queen Taylor. I really like it so far. It seems that we're going back to the main plot, and Taylor is about as frightening a villain as Visser Three so it's exciting to read her again.

3. Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo. I finally got my hands on a copy and have basically dropped those two above in order to read this. I'm 54 pages in so far and I can't seem to put it down!


Thanks for reading! It makes my day to hear your thoughts and I will respond asap. :)