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After about a month of fun, Blogger Positivity Campaign is now coming to an end. I have enjoyed participating in this campaign so much. I got to meet a number of lovely bloggers through this, and I hope we'll all stay in touch, whether it is through Twitter or comments! 

If you're new around here, you can find my previous posts for BPC 2015 +here:)  

Onto the recap!

Five things I learned through this campaign.
1. Reach out and talk to people. Blogging is so much more fun when you get to share your love of books with others.
2. Spread some positivity. Life can be stressful for all of us, but it doesn't take much more than a thoughtful comment to really lift someone's spirit!
3. A love of books can unite people. The bloggers I met through this campaign reside in various corners of the world, but I could always find something in common with them. That's pretty awesome.
4. Don't compare. We're still individuals, and our blogging journeys are each unique. Envy is pointless.
5. Have fun! 

Four things I enjoyed about the campaign
1. Writing the posts. The prompts Jillian provided were a lot of fun to respond to, and it was good for me to focus on positive topics rather than on purely critical things!
2. Meeting new people. I didn't get to read or comment on all of the twenty-six blogs that participated in this campaign, but I got to meet plenty that I loved!
3. The interaction. Not only did I find new blogs that I love, but I got to talk to the bloggers too. I really enjoyed all of the comments I wrote and received, and am hopeful I can call them my blog buddies.
4. The sunshine-ness. The whole point of this campaign to spread some love around the blogging community, and it certainly achieved that goal.

Three favorite BPC posts

Two bloggers who inspired me through their posts
1. Jillian. She organised this whole campaign, after all, and in doing so has inspired me to support other bloggers.
2. Zoe. Zoe seems to exude positivity, and I have loved reading all of her posts for this campaign!

Aaand one inspirational (bookish) quote to conclude the recap


  1. I enjoyed reading and blog-hopping through everyone's BPC posts like you! Honestly, I was more than amazed at how this campaign has received positive responses, even from those who weren't part of the campaign :P It was fun and refreshing seeing how everyone was so interactive and relatable, and that we all share the same mutual love for one thing that binds us together -- which is BOOKS.

    Thank you so much Cilla for participating! I really appreciate your effort, and I'm glad you enjoyed this just as much as I did. I have never heard of your blog before, but through this, I discovered yours, and I'm proud to call you a blog buddy! I hope to keep in touch with you, especially through Twitter ^_^ Let's chat soon!

    1. It's such a fantastic campaign, Jillian! I'm really glad I participated, and I'm proud to call you a blog buddy too :D We shall definitely keep in touch!

  2. Dammit! I was trying to publish a comment so I refreshed the page after I thought I had copied it, but then I pasted the WRONG comment here so just ignore that last one and I will rewrite the CORRECT one here... Sorry about that!!!

    Now what was I saying... First of all, thank you for mentioning me! I'm glad you liked my letter (even though I was mean to a book). And this campaign really did spread the love! I love that you called it "The Sunshine-ness" because that's really what it was - rays of happiness!

    I think that's all... I'm sad the campaigns over, but I will definitely still be stopping by on your blog!

    1. Ahaha, no worries! I'm always worried I'd comment on the wrong post myself :'D Your letter made me giggle, so it absolutely deserved a mention! I'll definitely still be stopping by your blog as well!

  3. First of all, thank you so much for mentioning me! You have no idea how much that means to me! Second, I am so glad we found each other through this amazing campaign! You are absolutely amazing. <3 Thank you so much for all your support and lovely comments.

    1. I couldn't -not- mention you, Zoe! You've been so sweet to me throughout this campaign, and I'm really grateful for it. <3 Thank YOU!


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