May 2016 Rewind

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It's starting to feel like someone's put their feet down on the gas for 2016. I feel like it was only the other day that I've just started a new semester, and suddenly I'm studying for finals again. Probably the biggest shock to my system is the fact that it is now winter here in the southern hemisphere! I'm in a weird conundrum of really enjoying being cold for a change but not at all used to it after growing up in a tropical place. But hey, winter is a good excuse to drink as much hot chocolate as I like, which is exactly what I do. (I'm on my second mug for the day as I type this up.) 

Before I dive into June, let's look back on May. 

New to My Shelves

I bought one book this month: Phil Kaye's A Lightbulb Symphony. It was a special occassion since I bought it when I went to see him and Sarah Kay perform, but still... I'm officially $10 over my budget now, so absolutely no more book buying for me! 

My friend has been squeeing about Poldark, the television series, and so when I found the audiobook during a random browse through the library's catalogue, I had to check it out. I'm really enjoying it so far!


Other Things on the Blog

Challenges Progress

  • Goodreads challenge: 18/30 books
  • Discussion challenge: 7/24 discussion posts
  • Diverse Reads challenge: ...I have lost track D: 
  • #RockMyTBR challenge: 6 books
  • Backlist Books challenge: 6 books
  • Around the World challenge: map
  • Commenting 365 challenge: 51/365 comments

In Store for Next Month

Ummm, I'm actually not sure. Hopefully much better organisation for this blog. XD In my defense, I'm in the middle of exams!

How was May for you? Did you read anything awesome?


  1. I actually caught up on several books I had been wanting to read this past year but wasn't able to due to school. I'm so glad that my semester has ended and that I'm enjoying summer now! Good luck on your finals!

    1. Yay for reading! Thank you, and I hope your summer is going great!

  2. Hi there, I came across your blog because you signed up to my July Potterhead event. First of all, thanks so much for joining us. Second of all, I love the aesthetics and content of your blog! I hope you enjoy Poldark, I have heard so many good things about it and I hope to start it someday as well. Good luck with your exams.

    I will notify you on twitter when the schedule for Potterhead July comes out. At the moment you have Tuesday 26th :)

    Read at Midnight

    1. Hi Aentee! Thanks so much for dropping by, and I look forward to your Potterhead event. :D Poldark's really fantastic - hopefully you will get around to it one day! I'll keep that date in mind!

  3. Oooh, I wish I lived in a tropical climate! I've lived with winter my whole life and I STILL don't like it! :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Haha I guess the grass is always greener on the other side! I'm not a fan of heat despite having lived with it all my life. xD

  4. Good luck on your exams! Such a stressful time, but when it is over you can do whatever you want without guilt for studying, right?

  5. Good luck on your exams! At least when it is over your can do whatever you want to without guilt, right? Must be weird to have winter right now (but I would gladly switch places with you, I am already over the heat)

    1. Thanks, Karen! Yess, the prospect of the holiday is what I think of when I get sick of the studying. It's really weird to have winter! I hope it gets a little cooler where you are!


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