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The lovely Mara gave me permission to be narcissistic for one post, so get ready to know a little more about me!

Vital Stats

Name: Cilla - which, as far as most of the blogosphere is concerned, is my name name.
Nickname: Once, a friend started calling me Cillz, but that did not stick.
Birthday: I'm a February baby!
Star Sign: Pisces.


Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Short-ish. 
Eye Color: Brown
Best Feature: I always find this question really hard. Let's say my eyes.
Braces: I've never worn braces, thankfully.  
Piercings: Only the standard ear piercings. I had a pretty painful time getting those that the idea of getting more is not appealing at all.
Tattoos: None, and will probably never get one. I can stand needles when I absolutely have to, but I can't imagine subjecting myself to them voluntarily.
Right or Left Handed: Right.


Best Friend: My first best friend's name is Thania. We met in fourth grade and she helped me stand up to a bully. 
Award: I'm not a competitive person, so I haven't got a lot of awards. The award I consider my first one is when I participated in a three-week writing workshop and was one of the top three writers in the program.
Sport: Swimming! It's still really the only sport I can do properly. 
Real Vacation: A family trip to the islands of Flores and Bali. It cemented my preference for a mountain retreat over a beach getaway.
Concert: Taylor Swift's Fearless Tour! Funny story: I hadn't planned on going 'cause none of my friends were up for it. Then I saw on my campus' website that someone was selling their extra ticket and willing to go together. So I contacted the stranger. We didn't end up being best friends - just Facebook friends - but it was still a wonderful night.


Film: I have many favourite films, depending on the day and my mood. A Walk to Remember and Beauty and the Beasts are my ultimate comfort movies. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 is also a favourite for the memory it brings back of attending my first midnight premiere and, well, because it's the last Harry Potter.
TV Show: These days, it's Elementary. I also watch Masterchef Australia religiously.
Color: Royal blue. 
Song: How do you choose just one?? The first ones that jump to mind are Summer Is Over by Jon Mclaughlin and Sara Bareilles aand Ingrid Michaelson's Sort Of.

Restaurant: It's not so much a restaurant as a dessert cafe, but it serves the most amazing chocolate cake and pavlova. 
Shop: I can never resist a good book shop!
Book: Putting aside Harry Potter, some of my favourite books are The Song of Achilles and Life of Pi.
Shoes: Boots! One of my favourite things about winter is being able to wear boots. They're comfy and stylish at the same time.


Feeling: Relaxed. I've just had dinner and am sitting down for my dose of television for the evening.
Single or Taken: Single.
Eating: I made a vegetable soup tonight - basically thrown in whatever I had in the fridge - and it was lovely. Soup is quickly becoming my preferred food now that the temperature is around 10 degrees! 
Thinking About: The fact that I am probably procrastinating on studying by writing this blog post.
Watching: The Project, which is a news-current affair program for my non-Australian readers. 
Wearing: Comfy flannel trousers and thick hoodie, because what else do you wear on a really cold night?


Children: At this point in my life, I can't see myself having kids. Never say never though.
Marriage: It would be nice if I meet the right person!
Careers: I'm studying to be a psychologist, so I hope to have that as a career. I hope to write professionally on the side, if I ever get myself organised enough to actually complete a manuscript.
Where you want to live: Australia, hopefully. 

Do You Believe in ..?

God: Yes.
Miracles: Yes. I don't believe in relying on miracles to happen, but I believe they can happen.
Ghosts: I wish I could say I didn't, but after all the things I've heard from people around me, I do believe they're out there.
Soul Mates: Yes. I don't think soul mates have to be romantic though. I believe soul mates can be platonic.
Heaven/Hell: Yes.
Kissing on the first date: Sure, why not if it's right?
Yourself: I give different answers to this on different days. Most of the time, yes.

I tag

And anyone else who wishes to do it! 


  1. Cool tag. I love personal posts. It’s always good to get to know the people behind the blogs.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Thanks AJ! I don't do personal posts very often so this was fun :D

  2. I would have loved to have seen the Fearless tour! Thanks for the tag, will try and do it soon :D

    1. It was so good! Unfortunately I missed the 1989 tour, which would've been even better, I imagine. I look forward to your post, Catherine! :D

  3. Great tag! I may have to do this one.

    1. Please do, Kate! I'd be interested in reading your answers :D

  4. Ooh it's so cool to know that we have a lot of things in common! And also, YAY FOR DESSERT CAFÉS! (Those are basically life, obviously.) Oh and swimming! And procrastinating! xD Awesome post, Cilla!

    1. *highfives* Dessert cafes are so amazing! Haha go us procrastinators ;D Thanks again for the tag, Mara!


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