[Rewind] July 2016

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July was busy, as always. My attention drifted further away from this blog as I focused on other things. For once, it wasn't all about school! 

I spent some time working on my writing in July. I reached my goal of 12,000 words for Camp NaNo. While I'm sure my draft needs a lot of editing, I'm further into this story than I have ever been, and I'm excited about it! I also got a piece published at The Regal Fox - read it here and read the other fantastic pieces as well while you're there. I'm hoping I can keep this up, and one day I'll actually complete a manuscript.

For now, let's focus on the books that are actually published!

New to My Shelves

My friend has kindly lend me her copy of Fangirl and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I've finished the latter and have a lot of thoughts about it. I'll post a review about it in a couple of week's time, but simply - I didn't love it, but I enjoyed it anyway.

Vicious is a surprise from the library; I forgot that I'd put it on hold. I'm reading it at the moment, and it's such a fascinating story! I went to the Melbourne launch of Nevernight, which doubled as a  book blogger meetup. It was so fun, and I enjoyed meeting the Melbourne bloggers who came! Read Aentee's recap of the night here.


Other Things on the Blog

Challenges Progress

  • Goodreads challenge: 30/30 books. Somehow I've managed to meet my yearly goal five months before the year ends! 
  • Discussion challenge: 6/24 discussion posts
  • Diverse Reads challenge: 6 books
  • #RockMyTBR challenge: 11 books
  • Backlist Books challenge: 11 books
  • Around the World challenge 
  • Commenting 365 challenge: 51/365 comments 

In Store for Next Month

I'm back to having a very vague plan for the month ahead. At the very least, I have an idea for a discussion post bouncing around in my head, so hopefully that will get written! 

How was your July?


  1. Congrats on meeting your NaNoWriMo goals!!! I'm off to go read a few of your posts that I missed this month (that's why I love these wrap-ups!)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Thank you, Nicole! :D I love wrap-ups for the same reason - sometimes a link catches my eye and I get to read an older post I've missed!

  2. Fangirl is a favorite contemporary novel of mine! As for the rest, I own Vicious and Nevernight although I haven't read them yet I have high hopes :)

    1. I can now recommend Vicious - it is so intriguing! I still haven't read Nevernight; I feel like it would be too much for my current state of mind haha.

  3. Congrats on Camp Nano! I can't wait to start Nevernight.. I've heard mixed reviews on this one though.

    1. Thank you! I've heard mixed reviews as well about Nevernight, so it would be an interesting experience reading it.

    2. Thank you! I've heard mixed reviews as well about Nevernight, so it would be an interesting experience reading it.


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