Two Years (and Five Months) of Blogging: Graphs and Goals

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Normally a blogger would post one of these posts on their actual blogoversary, and I would have done that too! If it wasn't for, you know, procrastination and whatnot. Plus, I didn't really know what to say except that I'm amazed that this blog has survived for this long. I also feel very much like a newbie blogger still and don't have helpful hints to give anyone. So, I thought I'd look through my posts from the beginning and make some representative graphs!


I'm not surprised that I've posted mostly 4 stars reviews, as I've noticed this trend earlier and wrote this discussion post. I find it interesting that I've given 2-stars and DNF but no 1-star reviews though, and that there's double the amount of 4-stars reviews compared to 5-stars reviews. 

Blog Features

I'm actually not sure how accurate this graph is, because (as I figured out while trying to put together this post) I wasn't very good at labelling my posts in the beginning. But perhaps unsurprisingly, I've written mostly reviews. I've been thinking about whether I'd like to change things up a little and produce different contents. I do enjoy writing reviews, but I'm not sure people read them! 

Standalone vs Series

This one was actually a surprise! I think of myself as more a series reader, but apparently I've reviewed more standalone novels in the last two years and a half-ish. This maybe because I've neglected to write reviews for several series that I'm in the middle of (Poldark, The Gemma Doyle Trilogy, The Queen of the Tearling to name a few).

I deliberately didn't analyse my statistics in addition to the above, because I find looking at my stats disheartening sometimes. Which is mostly my fault, really - I haven't paid enough attention to this blog to gain huge stats. However, I'm still having fun with this blog, and for now that's the main thing for me. So I'd like to instead turn my attention to:

Goals for My Next Year of Blogging

To blog hop and comment more regularly. This is the big one I'd like to strive for, mostly because I'm awkward with social media but would like to interact with other bloggers more often. It's also probably a better use of my time than scrolling through Facebook.

To support diverse bloggers and books. As an immigrant woman of colour who was also born into a diaspora, supporting diverse stories and point of views has grown to be more and more important to me. I'm aiming to make more of a conscious effort to read and review diverse books, as well as participating in blogging events that lift diverse content.

To get to my third year of blogging. I would aim to post more regularly, but I don't know what the next year is going to bring for me. So instead, I'd like to aim to post as often as I can while still enjoying the process of blogging. :)

If you've stuck with me for a while, no matter how long it's been, thank you! ūüíú Without you, I would have just been talking to myself, and that would be no fun at all. I hope you've enjoyed it here, and will continue to find posts here that are to your interest!

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  1. Congrats on your blog and I agree, it should be enjoyable and fun for you too.


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