And Then There Were Sleuths: My Dream Crate Project

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Recently I found out about a fun project set up by Loot Crate where fans can create a box that represents their very own Dream Crate. If you haven't heard of Loot Crate before, they are a subscription box service that caters to all kinds of fandoms.. I love the idea, so here we are! I thought of a few themes, but the one I keep coming back to is 'Sleuths' - a box of goodies that highlights my favourite fictional detectives.

Without further ado, here is what my Dream Crate would contain. I've included links to the shops that the goodies come from, so if you're keen on any of them, go check the shops out!

The first item in my Dream Crate would be the latest HerInteractive's Nancy Drew Game. Nancy is one of the ultimate sleuths. She's faced thieves, arsonists, ghosts, legendary creatures, you name it. HerInteractive's games challenge the player to put their detective skills into action with their puzzles. If you think it's a game for children and would be easy, I'm 25 and I've yet to complete a game without googling for hints. 😝 Plus, the storylines and character developments are so appealing and educational!

You can't have a sleuth-themed box without Sherlock Holmes. So, next up, a MoriarTea mug! I appreciate a good pun, and I love something that is both functional and entertaining! With this mug, you can sip your hot beverage of choice while contemplating how to take over the world.

Moriarty, of course, is not actually a detective, so we have to have Sherlock himself in the box! As much as I tend to use random bits of paper to mark my reading progress, I do love pretty bookmarks too. This "Elementary, my dear Watson" bookmark has the vintage feel of the original Sherlock, and it seems sturdy enough to hold on to its book when tossed in my always crowded bags.

The next item in my Dream Crate is the Miss Marple Tea Necklace. What's more Miss Marple than tea? (A soft knitted scarf, actually, but anyway.) There's even a tearoom named after her. However, I actually don't drink tea, so I'd settle for this lovely necklace instead! 

If you've visited my blog before, you may have noticed my love for lady detectives. So I'd absolutely love this Sleuths in Skirts candles. I'd be happy with just the Phryne Fisher candle, but to have all three candles in one box would be a total steal. 

There is one more item that I'd love to be included in the crate, but I couldn't find any merch close to what I have in mind. I'd love a poster of recommendation for diverse detective stories. As much as I love the sleuths I've mentioned, I want to start reading detectives who aren't white and straight. 

I don't actually know how plausible this particularly Dream Crate would be to put together, but it's been a lot of fun to brainstorm. 😄 Thank you to LootCrate for inviting me to this project! If you're interested in their boxes, check out their website.

Would you be interested in this crate?
What would be in your Dream Crate? Let me know in the comments, or I'd love to see your own post!


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