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Conversations is back! I'm excited to be participating in it again, and hopefully more regularly so this year. In case you haven't heard of this link-up, Conversation is a fortnightly discussion meme hosted by Geraldine at Corraling Books, where the aim is to get to know other bloggers and to generate conversations, as the name of the meme suggests. Hop on over to her blog to join in the link-up! For future topics, click here.

This week's topic is; What kind of books do you read and why?

I read a lot of fiction. Fantasy, in particular, has been the genre that I gravitate to the most. Some people say 'escapism' as if it's a bad word, but I don't see anything wrong with seeking refuge in stories about magic. I love the idea of witches and magical creatures, and there is comfort in knowing that even if the heroes and heroines emerge the other end battered and bruised, good is likely to triumph over evil at the end. Of course, a good fantasy novel is often rooted in the problems of the real world. For instance: Hermione Granger has to deal with people who think she is less than they are because of who her parents are. Alina from The Grisha Trilogy has to accept who she really is in order to flourish. If they can do that and help take down a powerful evil wizard, why can't I?

The other genre I often pick up is Historical Fiction. I didn't have the good luck of having an interesting History teacher until I was in uni, so I unfortunately associate the subject with boredom. Instead, I've learned a lot about historical events through the eyes of fictional characters. This is not to say that I don't want to know about the real experiences or facts, but fiction often serves as my gateway to learning more about a moment in history. (Not a book, but I did a lot of googling about the events portrayed in Netflix' The Crown.)

Then there's also Mystery. Cosy mysteries or old-school whodunits are my go-to books when I want something light. It seems counter-intuitive considering they're always full of murders and generally stressful things, but I enjoy the mystery. Plus, unlike in the real world, they always get the bad guy in the end.

I guess you can say that one of my main reasons to read these genres are because I like knowing that things will be alright in the end. That may be a form of escapism, or perhaps a source of comfort and hope rather when my own life is uncertain. My interest in Historical Fiction doesn't quite stem from the same source. In that case, I simply would like to learn, and fiction is a great place to start with that. Plus, they're all just fun to read!

What about you?
What your favourite genres? Why are they your favourites?
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  1. I agree that the word "escapism" has gotten such a bad rap, but I don't see why it's a bad thing either. Temporarily letting your brain have a break from your problems is a way to relieve stress, and that's good for us! I also agree that reading about characters go through a bunch of terrible stuff but still get through it and often get their happy ending is inspiring to me. So I guess it makes sense that fantasy is mostly what I read :-)

    1. Exactly! Sometimes it's good for you to get away for a moment from whatever is going on in your life. ^_^ *highfives*

  2. I also read a lot of historical fiction. I think I’ve learned more about the world from books than from classes at school.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Same! It's a bit unfortunate that it is the case, but fiction has a way of making history interesting that classes often don't.

  3. Cilla, this was so well-written! I LOVED IT.
    Preach with history, to be honest! In my history classes in high school, we always learned about Australian history, which was interesting...but there's only so much you can learn about Australian history before it gets a bit dry, you know? Glad there's historical fiction around! :D

    1. Thanks Gerri! <3 It was the same in Indonesia. It's understandable because you should know your country's history first before you learn about the rest of the world's, but as you said, there's only so much you can learn before it gets dry!


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